GIST INVESTOR VIETNAM CLOSING EVENT – What opportunity is there for SMEs & Start-up Vietnam during covid-19 period

On January 15, 2021 in Hanoi, the event series of startup events named GIST Investors Vietnam closing event “What opportunity is there for SMEs & Start-up Vietnam during covid-19 period”. The event was organized by Campus K coworking space and Hatch Ventures Vietnam. The sponsors are the US Department of State and Venture Well US. The speaker of the event is Mr. Ong directly. Aaron Everhart – Founder, CEO Hatch Ventures; Ms. Julia Nguyen Thanh Ha – Franchised Partner, Franchise Partner ActionCOACH GLOBAL.

Aaron Everhart & Juilia Nguyen Thanh Ha


The participants were: Ms. Dinh Thanh Hang – CFO, Director Hatch Ventures; Ms. Yen Do – GPO Executive Director, Doctor of Management – Marseille University, France; Master of Business Administration from Hawaii University, USA; Mrs. Nguyen Nhu Ai,  PhD in International Economics, Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics and International Business at National Economics University. Directly talking with experts are 2 start-up pitching: Tram Tuyen and Enova. The content that 2 start-up pitching gives is “Recruitment, hire and hire platform and Solutions to help optimize the cost of Importing goods for resellers”.

Ms. Dinh Thanh Hang


The event is a bridge between famous professionals and entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs to improve the skills of young entrepreneurs and the capacity of founders. Experts and investors present at the event shared the difficulties in starting a business, and inspired young people by giving stories from their own experience and reality. they went through. At the same time, giving specific directions and methods for young people such as being inspired, confidently implementing projects when starting a business, confident enough and ready to conquer the future and contribute to the community. plain of his own creative ideas.


Campus K representative, Ms. Hoang Hai Yen said: Campus K, under the Pacific Asset Management Joint Stock Company, was the first Coworking in Hanoi and across the country built according to the model of co-working space. combining with cultural exchange and development support for young Startups, potential SMEs. At Campus K, there are regular seminars and talk shows sharing experiences in many fields from famous speakers and professional organizations that have accumulated in their fields. Campus K has been and will bring a community of cooperation and development among domestic and international entrepreneurs and startups working in Vietnam.


It is known that in this series of events, Campus K will continue to help and accompany students at a number of universities in Hanoi to connect projects with socio-economic value but contribute to participation. environmental protection and climate change adaptation.



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